Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favorite Class

I have had many classes here at the University of South Alabama that I have enjoyed One class I am currently taking is definitely my favorite thus far. As I have previously mentioned I am a marketing major. Now that I am a junior I am finally taking classes centered around my major and concentration. Marketing 320 taught by professor Sneath is without a doubt my favorite class so far in my college career. On the  first day of class she said she wanted us all to know that marketing is so much more than just advertising. Professor Sneath then broke down the many categories and fields of marketing. She is so energetic and passionate that it makes the class really fun. She has so much real world experience and I truly feel like I've learned so much just half way through the semester. She always brings in props and examples to help explain topics in the class. She has taught us about pricing, promoting, choosing your market to sell to, and how to reach them and so much more. Professor Sneath always says she doesn't just want us to memorize the material but to be able to actually apply it and notice it in the real world. Owning a business myself, this class has taught me many ways to build my brand and to be more successful.  This class has taught me so much and has not only made me more educated to marketing but has also made me a more educated shopper in the sense that I now see the way businesses try to market to consumers. I've already learned so much from  Marketing 320 and it has given me even more interest in the marketing field. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


USA is a university filled with school pride and spirit. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see students wearing South gear or hear a "go jags!" We even have #JagWearWednesdays where students wear their USA gear and show off their "Jag Swag". that being said there is one week here on campus that is particularly filled with school spirit and it actually happens to be this week.... homecoming week! Homecoming week is probably one of my favorite times of the year here at USA. there tons of events and parties and just great energy all around. One of my favorite events of the week is called "junk the Jungle" which is where students come and toilet paper roll the big traffic circle in the center of the campus. there is also a talent show, a parade and a pep rally all leading up to and building hype around the main event, the homecoming football game!  Any USA game is full of spirit and energy but the homecoming game is even more amplified. Being in the student center of the homecoming game and chanting and cheering for our team really gives you the ultimate feeling of school spirit!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

College Moments

Being a student at the University of South Alabama has been a blast so far. This University has so much to offer. As a senior in high school I was a little apprehensive about coming to a school so close to home. I thought that I wouldn't be getting the same " college experience" , but I soon realized that I had nothing to worry about. There are always activities going on and things to do. As soon as I started I knew this was the place for me. Campus life is so fun and I have made so many memories while attending that I couldn't have made anywhere else. First would be the people I have met and the friends I've made. I know for a fact that I've made some life long friends while at the university. One of my favorite things while here at south has been becoming an Orientation leader. This position really helped me to become more of a leader and has also been really fun. I've loved getting to work with other students as well as help incoming students. That job has given me countless memories and friendships. Another one of my favorite experiences while at here at USA has been playing Ooze ball. What other school has a day long mud volleyball tournament? I love volleyball and playing in a huge mud pit made it even more fun.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

College Prep

The transition from high school to college may seem like a daunting task but with the right preparation it can be done with ease. If you are high school senior planning on attending college my advice is to prepare now! First I would suggest to sit and really think about what it is you want to major in and then finding schools you're interested in that offer that major. After that, look up information on those schools and plan trips to find the best fit for you. Next I would start to look into the scholarships offered by that school and even out of school scholarships to help pay for the costs of education. Apply for everything you can because every little bit helps. Doing this ahead of time can really help to avoid financial stress. Lastly, do as much as you can your senior year to help you stand out. Community services, clubs, programs, good grades, and sports are all good boosters for an application!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Free time has become one of my favorite things about college life.  In high school I had a jam packed schedule with classes 8 hours of the day and playing 2 sports. so coming to college it was a drastic change. I wasn't used to all the free time I had. When I first started my freshman year I didn't do much  in my free time and just really hung around. Later in my college experience I learned to use all the time I had to my advantage. Whether it's getting involved and going to events, getting a job, or even studying I learned to use my time more productively. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

USA football!

If you're from anywhere down south you know how big college football is down here. football season is probably one of the things I look forward to the most in the fall. Growing up here in Mobile, I remember being so excited when they announced USA was getting a football team. Now here we are six seasons later and its crazy to see how much the program grows and develops each year. Jag football games have such an amazing environment. From tailgating down to the final whistle there is so much energy and  everyone is just having a good time. That being said, my favorite USA football memory actually didn't happen at the stadium but at a viewing party. For last year's game against Tennessee  I went to a huge party to watch the game. It was so much fun. My friend cooked out, had music and had a bunch of people over. Although we didn't win the game, it was very close and we still had a blast. that game was also a big accomplishment for USA football because it proved we could stand our own against bigger teams. This week we have a HUGE game against Mississippi State and I can't wait for it. So excited to make more USA football memories! Go Jags!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coming to College

There is a definite transition students must face when coming from high school to college. There are a number of changes that occur in a student's life. One of the biggest changes to me during this transition was the change in amount of responsibility. As a high school student I had a lot done for me and had a very planned out schedule. I went from being in school eight hours a day then having practice and workouts to just being in school 3 hours a day and having all of this free time.There are always events and activities so it is easy to slack off on school work. I had to learn to plan and do more things for myself. Not going to lie, it was pretty hard at first. I've always had procrastination issues but I learned to discipline myself and prioritize things. If I had one piece of advice for incoming students it would be to get a planner  to have things scheduled out. Time management is crucial in college.